Terms and Conditions

By booking using Cairns Discount Tours (CDT) or its associates, you the customer and all additional persons you book on behalf of, agree that the following terms and conditions apply. By using our website and or services you agreed to the following conditions. By booking through us it is deemed you have accepted these conditions and terms.

Cairns Discount Tours is a booking service facility only, for tours, car hire, attractions and experiences that are provided by an independent third party operator. Tours are sold through our booking facility or via our information centre .We are not a tour operator and have no influence, direction or control over a tour or service operator .We have no responsibility for tours, services, accommodation or experiences the customer selects.

Our website has been designed as an online resource, we endeavour to publish the most accurate information, however this information can change quickly or without notice .Much of the information is provided by tour operators, tour attractions and services.

We do not take responsibility for and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the tour information or service, and suggest you use the information as a guide only. Independently you should make your own enquiries with the tour operator or with any other third parties as to the suitability of any tour, service or information provided, and make your own judgements as to the suitability of the tour and accuracy of the information presented on Cairns Discount Tours and by the tour operator or service provider.

We do not warrant as to the tour, or services suitability for the customers’ requirements ,the customer should make their own independent enquiry with the tour operator if needed. A listing on Cairns Discount Tours or links from the website to another, does not mean we endorse or recommend those tours ,services, products or information, a link to another site is an exit point from Cairns Discount Tours and a visit to other website is at the customers risk and discretion.

You, the customer acknowledge, and agree that our responsibility and liability to you , is limited to providing the tour booking service to you, to the value of the tour deposit , and in advent the tour cannot operate ,to rebooking a similar tour , or if available ,re booking the same tour on another date. To book through Cairns Discount Tours you must be a minimum of 18 years old.

The customer is required to provide photo ID at check in with the tour operator.

For online bookings, your tour confirmation is emailed to you for printing with the tour operators booking reference number. Bookings made in our visitor information centre are confirmed by written voucher. You must present this voucher to the tour operator on the day of travel.

Prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Some tours may have additional charges such as reef tax ( EMC) or reserve the right to introduce fuel levies without notice. Upon Booking with Cairns Discount Tours, a booking deposit of usually 20% of the tour price is charged. Some tour operators may require payment in full and or require your payment details to secure the booking.

Payment can be made by traveller’s cheques, cash, bank cheque, efpos or by credit card in our Information Centre. Online bookings by MasterCard or Visa only. Please note we do NOT charge credit card fees for tour bookings. The customer agrees to pay the advertised or quoted price at time of booking.

The customer is required to reconfirm their tour directly with the tour operator, a minimum of 24 hours prior .This is a good opportunity to ask the tour operator any questions you may have and to confirm departure times and transfers(if selected with your tour). It is the customers responsibility to make their own judgements about weather conditions and to seek advice from the tour operator if need be.

Cancellations- Tour Deposits are refundable in full if the tour operator cancels the tour and an alternative day or tour is not available. In all other circumstances tour deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel, please contact the tour operator directly and immediately. Please note if you do not cancel within the required times (as stated on the tour operators website under cancellation policy) you are responsible for the charges as per the specific tour operator’s cancellation policy.

Each tour is subject to the operator’s conditions of travel and their cancellation policies. It is the customer’s responsibility to make themselves fully aware of such policies, terms and conditions prior to booking. Each tour operator’s policies can vary significantly.

No shows receive no refunds and are responsible for the full cost of the tour payable directly to the tour operator. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that everyone in the customer’s party understands the terms and conditions of the tour or service provider selected and those of Cairns Discount Tours.

If transfers are selected, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that everyone in the customer’s party is in the correct pick up location at the correct time. Please wait at the designated pick up location allowing sufficient time prior to the pickup time. If the tour pickup has not arrived , please phone the tour operator directly (not Cairns discount Tours).

For self-drive and self-check-ins please arrive at the tour operators designated departure point in sufficient time prior to the check-in time. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the check-in time s and date of travel information, to ensure these are correct and to advise the tour operator immediately of any discrepancies.

Amendments to your booking-There is usually no charge to alter a booking date ,as long as the new requested date is available and the required amount of notice is given as according to the tour operators terms and conditions and cancellation policy. Please advise the tour operator directly of any changes. Most tours require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice but some tours require up to, or more than 30 days’ notice .It is the customers responsibility to be fully aware of the tour operators specific terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

The customer acknowledges that the tour operator reserves the right to alter itineraries, dates, prices or cancel tours, thus we cannot guarantee the availability of any tour listed on Cairns Discount Tours .We recommend you consider travel insurance. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for any extra expenses or losses that may result from cancellations, changes delays etc.

Cairns Discount Tours and its associates acts as a booking agent only, for the tour and service providers and we will not be liable or accept responsibility for any injuries, damage to persons or belongings, losses or death from any involvement in any tour, activity, service, accommodation, experience or attraction etc. , that has been booked ,whether caused by negligence or otherwise. We are not liable to the customer or any other person for injury, damage or loss.

We give no assurances or warranty as to the suitability , quality, safety or security of any tour, service, accommodation ,experience or attraction and all risks associated with these are solely yours .Some medical conditions or medications may stop your involvement or make involvement in the tour or service selected , unsuitable , please check with your doctor prior to booking. All activities and services may involve risks to your health and safety and may be dangerous. By selecting or participating in the activities and services you are personally assuming those risks and releasing Cairns Discount Tours and its associates from any claims, liability, charges, expenses or damages. We recommend travel insurance.

We may at our discretion publish testimonials and feedback on our website unless previously notified by email.

Our terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland.
By booking through Cairns Discount Tours and or its associates you are agreeing to all of the above conditions.