Safe Cairns accommodation

Villa Marine Cairns rainforest apartment collageSafe Cairns accommodation is available at various locations across Cairns. We recommend looking for safe Cairns accommodation to get the best and safest Cairns holiday experience. With the Covid-19 virus pandemic focusing on where you stay has never been more important. In particular smaller Cairns accommodations and quiet Cairns locations with less people are a good tip.

Safe Cairns hotels mean different things for different people. The Coronavirus experience means being more careful about what we do and where we go. It is for this reason we are focusing more and more on quiet residential areas like the Cairns Northern Beaches where there are less people than Cairns CDB.

Less people means less risk in our opinion. We like locations close to Cairns city centre like Machans Beach, Holloways Beach and Yorkeys Knob Beach, that avoid the masses but are close by for all the benefits.

The Cairns Northern Beaches with their secluded tropical beaches, village atmosphere and small family restaurants with outdoor sitting, really stand out as great safe locations for a Cairns holiday. One of our best tips is a group of 9 self contained villas, space out from each other well worth a look.

There are great safe Cairns accommodations options including little hotels, Holiday houses and those accommodations that apply the Australian Health Department governments regulations regarding Covid -19 Safety in holiday accommodation. Another good site to look at regarding Covid 19 updates is the Queensland Government site

Villa Marine Cairns 2 bedroom apartment collage

Which are the safest Cairns hotels?

Which are the safest Cairns hotels is a question we are being asked more and more. This is even more so now as visitors to Cairns digest the impact of Coronavirus on their holiday choices for Cairns accommodation.We like little Cairns hotels, lodgings, resorts, motels and holiday apartment accommodations that aren’t high rise and accommodate large numbers of people. Less is best in our view.

Ground floor accommodation that is single level means no lifts, less touch surfaces and less people.

Sometimes the best holidays is when you were escape from the world and people in a more natural environment.

Tips for choosing safe Cairns accommodation

Our tips for choosing safe Cairns accommodation are the following

  1. Look at the size of the Cairns accommodation you are interested in. How many people does the hotel, motel, resort accommodate
  2. Low rise, ground floor accommodation versus high rise. Low rise ground floor accommodation means not lifts, balconies, staircases and extra touch surfaces to negotiate
  3. Where is the Cairns accommodation located.
  4. Self contained Cairns accommodation where you don’t share facilities with other guests, like kitchens.
  5. Look for accommodation that focuses in the domestic travelers rather than international tourists. Ask a local if they have had a good experience with a safe Cairns hotel then that’s usually a good recommendation as well as checking out sites like Tripadvisor  
  6. Look for a hotel that focuses on direct bookings rather than focusing in overseas online booking sites. A hotel that focuses on asking its potential guests the important questions is a hotel that is focusing on what’s most important, your safety.

At our Cairns Tourist Information Centre we can assist you not only with great deals on tours but also great tips on safe accommodation in Cairns. Our staff are here to help you and can give you great tips and suggestions over the phone 07 4055 7158, by email or visit our Visitor Information Centre in person. We practice social distancing and our Information Centre has hand sanitizer for all visitors.