Great Barrier Reef Travel Tips for Cairns

Great Barrier Reef Travel Tips for Cairns can really help make your reef trip a success. My first Great Barrier Reef trip tip ♥ is to find a local Cairns company that specialises in tours to The Great Barrier Reef and has lots of experience. I found Cairns Discount Tours had helped lots of travelers. They were friendly & they were very knowledgeable. They gave me some great barrier reef travel tips for cairns that helped me so much. Being a non-swimmer, their tips for safe snorkeling locations made my day a success.

Best Great Barrier Reef Travel Tips for Cairns

Best Great Barrier Reef Travel tips for Cairns, is choose a Cairns diving or snorkeling trip to suit your ability level. The Tourist Information Centre matched me to a safe location that was good for a non-swimmer to go snorkeling from Cairns. They spent lots of time showing me the best safe snorkeling locations. I also wanted a fun experience on the outer barrier reef where I could take great photos. They had lots of other tours for experienced snorkelers or divers, so getting good advice can really help.

My next Great Barrier Reef travel tip is to know what is included in your trip & choose one that includes lunch, morning tea and snorkel equipment in the price. My outer barrier reef trip included a glass bottom boat, semi-submersible and a FREE stinger suit for protection. Extra costs can be reef tax, bus transfers from your hotel & scuba diving. Snorkel equipment is included FREE. Getting good advice helped me sort through all of this successfully.

 Cairns Great Barrier Reef Trips with staff that spoke your language

Finding Cairns Great Barrier Reef trips with staff that spoke my language (Chinese) wasn’t easy. Not all reef trips from Cairns have Chinese speaking staff or the language that you want, however the Visitor Centre knowledge was very helpful. The Chinese staff on the boat were able to tell me things I needed to notice. For example I would recommend Cairns Great Barrier Reef Trips with staff that speak your own language.

Cairns Underwater Camera Hire 😀

Cairns underwater camera hire is a great way to get amazing pictures. The Cairns Discount Tours hired me a quality Canon underwater camera. It came with a 16 Gb stick free to keep. For example it took  great underwater photos and was so much cheaper than the cameras on the boat for rent. The camera was delivered to me and was easy to use. At the same time, you can have the underwater camera delivered to the boat.

Staying safe on the Great Barrier Reef is very important. For inexperienced first-time snorkelers like me or experienced divers. Get good advice first and if its jelly fish season, you must wear a protective stinger suit. The Tourist Information Centre was able to tell me which boats had free stinger suits.

Best snorkeling tours from Cairns

Best Snorkeling tours from Cairns is not the same for every location. Finding the right location is very important. I wanted to see the best reef from Cairns.  This means going to the Outer Barrier Reef. There are many trips going to the inner reef or middle reefs.  Don’t choose these, get some good advice. Choose an outer barrier reef from Cairns or Port Douglas for an amazing experience like I did. My name is Zhang Guoqing. I hope you like the photos and tips on where to snorkel from Cairns.