Great Barrier Reef Tours from Cairns

When going to the Great Barrier Reef, it is very important, that you actually go to the outer barrier reef rather than the inner reef systems. Quality of coral and marine life densities and diversity varies at different reef locations, so getting to better locations is a must.

We can assist you with selecting the better reef locations that will both suit your budget and your requirements. With our many great specials on reef trips at present, getting to outer barrier reef is easy and affordable. We also have a range of underwater cameras for hire at budget prices for capturing great photos. The photos taken below by 2 of our customers who had a great day trip with Deep Sea Divers Den on their day boat to Norman, Saxon and Hastings Reefs, which are approximately 60km off shore on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

Sea Quest goes to 2 different reef systems with beautiful coral formations and an abundance of marine life and coral. We like the fact that free guided snorkeling tours are included and free use of wet suits and stinger suits. Snorkel equipment and lunch is also included in the tariff. This is just one of the many different Outer Barrier Reef Tours with both snorkeling and diving options available.

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