Free WiFi Cairns

Free WiFi Cairns

Free WiFi Cairns is available in more Cairns locations than ever including many Cairns hotels, resorts and city landmarks along Cairns Esplanade the Cairns CBD even Cairns restaurants, cafes and Visitor Centres are offering free WiFi.  Free WiFi Cairns is also available at some parks, pools and the Cairns Botanical Gardens.

Free WiFi Cairns

Cairns free WiFi extends along the Cairns Esplanade in the city area and the free WiFi extends four blocks up into the Cairns Central business district with a boundary of Spence Street and Aplin Streets and is progressing towards Sheridan Street.  This has been a great initiative.

Cairns Free WiFi at the Lagoon

Cairns free WiFi at the lagoon is very popular with tourists enjoying this great free service by making the most of the non-cost WiFi to upload photos to their Facebook pages and to connect with family and friends.  Just across the road at (maccas) MacDonald’s, they also offer free WiFi which is located on the corner of Shield Street.

Cairns Libraries with free WiFi

Cairns Libraries with free Wi-Fi include popular Cairns Library at 151 Abbott Street.  It has free Wi-Fi and is a popular spot for visitors to connect and utilise this service as well as utilising the library service and the free local newspapers.  All other Cairns libraries now have free Wi-Fi including the Smithfield Library.

Cairns Tourist Information Centres with free WiFi

Cairns Tourist Information Centres with free WiFi was available at Tourism Tropical North Queensland Visitor Information Centre at the Esplanade.  Unfortunately this wonderful Visitor Centre closes June 20, 2018 after operating more than 20 years.  However Cairns Beaches Visitors Centre offers free WiFi, free parking, free brochures, free maps and free tour advice and bookings.

Cairns Airport Free WiFi

Cairns Airport free WiFi is available at both domestic airport and International Airport.  It is not currently unlimited and has time restrictions but as a free WiFi service it is handy for sending off quick last minute emails, Facebook posts or great when arriving to let family know you have arrived.  I have found the service varies sometimes and have had trouble logging in and other times it has worked well.

The Qantas Clubs at Cairns Airport has WiFi as does the Virgin Australia Lounge at the Domestic Airport for members of these clubs.

Cairns hotels with free WiFi

Cairns hotels with free WiFi are dispersed across Cairns and the northern beaches with most Cairns hotels offering free WiFi. Some, this is just limited to the common areas or lobby area whilst others it also works in the rooms or apartments just check with your Cairns accommodation first.

Cairns restaurants with free WiFi

Cairns restaurants with free WiFi are growing as restaurants realise the customer wants to share their Cairns dining experience online.  Below is a selection of Cairns restaurants with Cairns WiFi.

We hope you have a great time holidaying in Cairns.