Cheap Campervan rentals Cairns

We were looking for a campervan hire in Cairns, as we had spent the last 6 months travelling Asia staying in hostels, catching all sorts of public transport, and lugging our backpacks around in the 40 degree heat, we decided a camper van was going to be our mode of transport and family home all in one, to travel the east coast of Australia! As we were staying in cairns, at Villa Marine, we were lucky to have the knowledge of Peter, who runs Cairns Discount Tours. He had booked other Cairns tours for us, saved us lots and had lots of knowledge. He was quick to recommend many companies and despite being the school holidays meaning rising prices and limited availability we were lucky enough to secure a Travellers Autobarn, Hitop at a discounted price. We had faith in Peter in recommend this company. We picked the van up from their depot in Cairns town centre and was very happy with what will be our new home for the next 30 days. image

The van came equip with an inside table and benches, which transformed into a comfortable double bed, a single bed above however this was ideal for storage. We had a two stove gas cooker, a fridge, microwave and all the utensils needed. We did have to pay extra for the living equipment, which I felt should have been included. After filling our cupboards with a trip to Coles we were on our way!
It was only day one and we were already loving the freedom the van gave us, allowing us to explore the Cairns area before settling down in one of many free campsites on route. We took advantage of the free sites, however it was necessary to pay a small fee for stays at hostel car parks and caravan sites, just to get a warm shower and extra cooking facilities. On route we were able to stop at many beautiful places, on the east coast also travelling inland due to having transport of our own. We stayed at very remote sites and also those with many other travellers, where we could share stories and Join company for part of the route. We spoke with many people at hostels, who were limited to travelling by bus and therefore unable to take alternative routes, missing out on beautiful waterfalls and national parks.
Initially we assumed we would be stopping at powered campsites every third night, to charge the lights and fridge, however we found it more convenient to purchase a cool box and use ice for cooling food. Due to the long distances we were driving, the battery would charge enough for us to use the lights during the dark evenings.
We travelled through places such as Airlie, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Nimbin and Byron Bay, some places in which would not be as easily accessible if it was not for the campervan. We loved our trip which ended at the blue mountains with a full loop of the national park! We stopped at an amazing site for our final night, watched the sunset and looked forward to the rest of our journey. Even the drive back to the depot in Sydney was easy! Will definitely recommend Travellers Autobarn and to book through Cairns Discount Tours meant a great deal to. Happy people all round!
“Roanna & James”