Cairns snorkel equipment hire

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Cairns snorkel equipment hire is available from Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. Hiring snorkelling gear in Cairns to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef is not expensive and we can hire you masks, snorkels, fins and stinger suits. Whatever snorkelling equipment you need for going to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns and Port Douglas, Green Island, Fitzroy Island and Franklin Islands, just ask or we can book you a snorkelling tour with all of the snorkelling equipment included in the price.

Cairns snorkel equipment hire

Cairns snorkel equipment hireCairns snorkel equipment hire is available for tours to the Great Barrier Reef, and we can assist you with this.
Never used a snorkel and want to learn how? Here at Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre has a range of Cairns snorkel equipment hire, including masks, snorkels and fins to hire as well as an extensive range of Great Barrier Reef tours with all of the snorkel equipment included. Whilst at our visitor information centre, view our extensive range of Cairns snorkelling tours and feel free to take advantage of our large saltwater swimming pool to practice with your newly hired snorkelling gear. This way, you can test out our equipment and make sure you have selected the right sizes.

The general perception is that snorkelling is easy and that you can just throw on some gear and jump in. Unfortunately, without some basic skills and knowledge about the dangers and conditions of the ocean, first time snorkelling experiences can be a bit scary and potentially dangerous.

It is so important to have good snorkel equipment in order for you to fully enjoy your experience while snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.  Having a leaking mask, flooded snorkel or blister-causing fins can ruin your experience and take away all the fun for the day.

Is snorkelling equipment included in Great Barrier Reef tours?

All Great Barrier Reef tours purchased through us have free snorkel equipment. If you need additional equipment, such as stinger suits, wetsuits, prescription masks, buoyancy vests, flotation noodles and beach towel hire, just ask and we can assist with these as well.

Cairns snorkelling gear hireWhile you are at our visitor information centre, or if you unable to visit us, we can assist you over the phone or via email, we can also help you choose the perfect Great Barrier Reef snorkelling tour or trip. Our experienced staff have extensive knowledge of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and many reef trips that are on offer. Choosing a reef trip can be very overwhelming due to such a large amount to choose from. Not all Cairns reef trips are equal. The quality of the locations can vary greatly, particularly since the event of coral bleaching. Utilize our local knowledge to select the best locations. We can make your experience stress free, we can hire snorkelling equipment for you to practice with prior to your snorkelling tour and also take out on your reef trip if you wish. Before going snorkelling, check with us about weather conditions. We have the latest up to date weather reports and we can help guide you to choose the best day relative to the weather conditions. Another additional weather report that we utilize is the government weather bureau BOM and their weather reports are available through us as well.

Contact Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre on phone 07 4055 7158 or via email or drop in. We will also assist you in choosing your Great Barrier Reef trip. Our office is located 50 metres from the beach, so you can also try your snorkelling equipment on the beach or in our 18 metres lagoon pool.

Cairns prescription mask hire

Cairns prescription mask hire is available through us at no extra costs to you. These expensive masks which will assist you to see the coral and marine life clearly. Just ask our visitor information centre staff. We can book you on Cairns Snorkeling tours with prescription masks. Just advise us about your specific needs.

Cairns mask hire – You want a mask that is comfortable, fits correctly around your face and doesn’t leak. To check if you have a correctly fitted mask, place it firmly on your face and breathe in through your nose. If the mask sticks to your face without the aid of the mask strap comfortably then you have the right fit.  Silicone made snorkel is a better option than plastic and if you wear glasses or contacts, you will also have to consider a prescription mask so you can see clearly.

Cairns snorkel equipment hireCairns snorkel hire – There are many different options of snorkels and it is down to personal preference. The comfort of your mouth is important, so get a snorkel you are comfortable with. The most common kind is the classic snorkel which has a mouthpiece and a tube attached to it. This tube can be of various shapes; however, a flexible tube is preferred. There are no splash guards on the top so once the water is filled in the tube; it has to be forcefully thrown out by exhaling very hard. A purge valve snorkel allows the water to be cleared from the snorkel at the lower end so, therefore, requires less effort to clear your snorkel than standard models.

Hiring snorkelling fins in Cairns – Snorkel fins are a very important part of the snorkelling experience. When you are snorkelling remember that you will be skimming on the surface of the water so it is better to choose a shorter length and lighter weight fin otherwise you will find it difficult to kick and tire easily.

The fins could either be closed foot, open foot. The fins could also have paddle fins or split fins. You have to choose the fins that you feel are right. Considering the fitting options, it is advised to get fins that are slightly tighter.

Feel free to contact us at Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre and we can assist you with all your needs for snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation and general information on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.