Cairns Reef tours operating in December

Cairns Reef tours operating in December are available to book and travel on now! These include Great Barrier Reef trips from Cairns and Great Barrier Reef tours from Port Douglas. We also have 4 pontoons on the Outer Barrier Reef available to book now. Other Great Barrier Reef tours include Fitzroy Island, Green Island and Franklin Islands.

Because of Covid-19 reef operators are only running on certain days. Some reef tours are only operating on weekends, others are running in selected week days and weekends. The situation is evolving daily according to demand  so we recommend check in with us regarding availability.

Is Reef Magic running now?

Is Reef Magic running now, yes Reef Magic are operating. Some tour operators such Reef Magic Marine World pontoon at this stage are currently scheduled for  only a couple of days per week.  It is best to phone us for the latest schedule. Reef Magic optional activities include: Scuba Diving, Helmet Diving, Guide Snorkelling tours, Seabob and Scenic Flights are available. Lunch is included in the ticket price. Please contact us for bookings, availability and enquiries for Reef Magic on 07 4055 7158. we currently have great specials on Reef Magic at the moment

What diving tours are running in December?

Diving tours running in December, at present are a most boats are operating however only on selected days. Dream Time Dive and Snorkel currently is back operating on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays, they will be visiting Flynn and Milln Reefs, beautiful locations in The Outer Barrier Reef. There is no glass bottom boat currently available but this could change, just check with us. Introductory Certified Diving and Guided Snorkel tours will be available. Lunch is included.

Other days may can available just check with us . Divers Den, Quicksilver, Silverswift, Reef Encounter, Reef Daytripper, Sunlover, Great Adventures and Ocean Spirit are all operating on selected days. Contact us for the latest schedule

Is Fitzroy Island open now?

Fitzroy Island is available to book NOW and there are 3 times slots per day for over the School holiday period. Departures are 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Other Reef Tour Operators are returning back so just check with us and we would be able to advise you on which Cairns Reef trips are running.

The Reef has had limited visitors for the last 9 months and is looking just fantastic. Is a great time to visit and see how good The Great Barrier Reef is looking at present.

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Phone, email or visit our Visitor Information Centre in person. During these Covid virus times we ask that you follow covid regulations and apply social distancing.