Cairns Botanical Gardens

Wandering through Cairns Botanical Gardens

Cairns Botanical Gardens is close to Cairns center and is a great free Cairns activity. The Cairns Botanical Gardens reflects the beauty of Cairns with diverse rainforest flora and tropical plants. Explore tropical plants from around the world at the Cairns Botanical Gardens. Cairns Botanical Gardens has free entry and there are many activities that you can involve yourself in making this one of Cairns best free activities.

How to get to Cairns Botanical Gardens

How to get to Cairns Botanical Gardens is easy. Catch the local Sunbus  from the city center or self-drive with lots of car parking around the Botanical Gardens.

Cairns Botanical Gardens maps and information

Cairns Botanical Gardens maps and information, there are detailed brochures, maps and information available. For maps and information on the Botanical Gardens drop in to the Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre  for free maps, brochures and information on the Botanical Gardens and other Cairns attractions.

Accommodation close to Cairns Botanical Gardens

Accommodation close to Cairns Botanical Gardens there are a range of Motels, Resorts and holiday apartments to suit your accommodation requirements as well as being close to the Botanical Gardens. A favorite if you are looking for an accommodation, that is set in a tropical botanical rainforest setting is Villa Marine . Staying at Villa Marine is like staying in your own botanical gardens surrounded by amazing rainforest and wetlands. If you are crazy about plants, this place is worth investigating.

Villa Marine's rainforest pool setting

Cairns Botanical Gardens layout is a big and varied area. You will be able to find various gardens :

  • Aboriginal Plant Use Garden : A collection of the plants that were used by Aboriginals in the region of Cairns and the Tablelands
  • Bamboo Collection : A unique way to discover this plant that is so difficult to control in its natural habitat. You will discover bamboos from all around the world.
  • Fitzalan Garden : relaxing at Fitzalan Garden and discover the unique plants within
  • Flecker Garden : A garden to discover various species of plants and tree from jungles of all around the world (Opening hours : 7.30am to 5.30pm)
  • Gondwana Garden : Ever wondered how did life came to what we know today ? How did the plants evolved from the beginning of time to nowadays ? This garden has the answer, walk along an amazing pathway and discover amazing pathway with ancient plants from another era!
  • Rainforest Boardwalk : A path through the rainforest that will immerse yourself in its sensory plays …

For detailed maps on Cairns Botanical Gardens pick up your free copy from Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre .

  • Saltwater Lake : Miniaturization of what kind of life can occurs in a saltwater eco-system. It is also a perfect spot to watch birds in their natural habitats.
  • Zhanjiang Friendship Garden : This Chinese-style garden celebrates the relationship between Cairns and Zhanjiang, its Sister City

Tanks Art Centre

Tanks Art Centre is next to the Botanical Gardens. You will even be able to visit the Tanks Art Centre, that offers a display of art piece from locals and aboriginals artists. It also offers various events such as music concert, performance, theater and visual arts. Tanks is unique, quirky and is a great place to hang out.

The children won’t be bored neither as there is a garden made for them, near the Zhanjiang Friendship Garden. This natural playground incorporate creative play elements that will make them learn and play with the natural surroundings. From uncovering dinosaurs bones to climb a rope, they will surely immerse themselves in the rainforest life and will leave with great memories !

There is always something going on in the garden. Free bird watching tours, classes for children under 5, events at the Tank Art Center… Take a glimpse at the agenda, you’ll will surely find something that suits your interest and curiosity !

Red Arrow walk Cairns

If you want to take a hike upon the hills of Cairns, you can pick a trail over 3 options. The red arrow is a 1 hour walk that will take you to a great look-out on the bay, while the blue and green trail can last a day and bring you in the density of the forest, among wild turkeys and wallabies.

I hope you enjoy Cairns Botanical Gardens as much as I did.

Ingrid Schmidt